My story is when I was 15 I witnessed a friend’s brother jump up on a top of a car, the driver jerked the car back and forth and he hit the ground head first, blood everywhere… this was during a battle of the bands in a parking lot in upstate NY..I did not know it was him until much later that evening. Just seeing this up close and personal was enough.

His family struggled with the senseless death. My good friend has never really recovered from this nor her family..
Then Sharon’s (my friend) younger brother went into the military to serve in the Gulf War. He too was a bit messed up from his older brother’s death and how the family did not cope, it affected his mother in a very bad way..The family really was never the same again. Danny came home a bit messed up from his service..So much so that he started doing drugs as he returned with PTSD.

One day Danny could not cope very well so he went to the grave site of his brother and put a gun in his mouth and he struggles were over..

This effected this town so much, his family, the friends and the family was never the same. I often think of Danny and how he went into the military to serve his country and possibly get his life together but witnessing the war and returning home was more than he could handle.

After this his mother and my friend Sharon were really never the same but always tried to put a good face on but it is one of the hardest things I personally know of. I am always there for my friend Sharon.
Thank you.