I remember one day about six months ago, I was having a horrible day. Everything seemed to be going wrong. I had just taken a test I was sure I had failed. I was late on my rent and not getting enough hours at work. I wasn’t sleeping well so I was just tired. Anyway, I got on the bus after my test to go home and there weren’t many seats available. I sat down next to this lady who just looked really worried or scared.

I don’t usually talk to people very easily but for some reason, even though I was in a bad mood, I said “Hi, how’s your day going?” She gave me half a smile and said, “Fine, yours?” I whined for a little bit about my test and all and then for some reason said “You having a rough day?” Well she talked to me for the entire bus ride. She was dealing with some pretty bad stuff but seemed pretty strong about it. I realized while I was listening to her that I wished there was something I could do to help her but I couldn’t. I also started feeling guilty about being so down about my problems. They were pretty small in comparison.

When we got to her stop, she said “Thanks for the chat. It was nice meeting you.” and she smiled. She didn’t look as sad anymore. She seemed happier. I don’t know if that chat helped her at all but I’ll be honest, it helped me. I was in a much better mood than when I got on the bus and I like to think she was too. I’ll never know for sure but she seemed happier. I guess it can work both ways.